Working with Sarah

How I work:

My goal is to assist owners who are striving to have sound, healthy, and happy animals.  I use acupressure, craniosacral, and massage therapies, along with other methods (such as Tellington Touch, myofascial release, etc.) in my work, according to what your horse, dog, or animal needs.  

All of these modalities will assist your animal in being more flexible, release restrictions and tension, and help to balance and heal the whole body.  I work with animals with a wide variety of issues and challenges, including those in rehab, seniors, lameness, organ imbalances, disease, or illness, and chronic problems.  I also help owners who simply want to improve their animal’s overall wellbeing.  

The first session I do a general health history intake and assessment before the session, which normally takes:

  •       ~60-75 minutes / horse
  •       ~45-60 minutes / dog

Subsequent sessions, depending on your animal’s responses and needs, normally take:

  •       40-60 minutes / horse
  •       30-45 minutes / dog


  • $175 / horse appointment*
  • $125 / dog appointment*

   *Plus additional travel fees as applicable

Contact me to schedule your animal's appointment!



Disclaimer: An equine and canine bodyworker is not a substitute for a veterinary assessment or treatment. I am not a veterinary doctor. All information is given as suggestions only. Please see your veterinary doctor or appropriate animal professional for any medical concerns you may have.


Cancellation / No Show policy: I request at least 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Cancellations with less than 48 hours will require a Cancellation fee, which is as follows:

  •             $125 / horse appointment
  •             $90 / dog appointment

If I am not given notice and you cancel the appointment after I have arrived at your location (barn/house), this is considered a No Show and you will be charged the full amount for the appointment including travel.  

To facilitate this process, Cancellation and No Show fees will be invoiced to you, and you can pay the fee directly through the invoice securely online.

In the case of a true Emergency, exceptions can be made.