• Sarah has done amazing work with our horses. After each visit we could see measurable improvement. Not just with movement, but demeanor as well. Sarah is a true healer, we can not recommend her highly enough! She takes her time and will get to the bottom of what the real problem happens to be. Call her!  Thanks again for all that you do!!                  ~Dr. Stan and Sally Bowser, Hancock MD

  • Sarah’s work with all animals is just phenomenal and awe inspiring. She gets the feel of the animal and allows the energy to flow helping them however she can, and finding questions and answers that you didn’t even realize were there. She restores the balance and life force of the animal spiritually. I really recommend her.  ~Clare Hewitt-Stubbs – Kenya
  • Sarah Wilson is an amazing healer. She combines her knowledge of acupressure, craniosacral, and massage with a deep intuitive connection to animals.  The result is greater balance, health, and healing for the animals she serves. ~Alix Moore,  Author, Speaker, Animal Trainer, Frederick MD

  • I have used Sarah Wilson for healing my horses, which was simply amazing, as well as for myself.  She is a gifted healer that can make such a difference in your healing experience. Her ability to read the body and to reconnect body and soul is incredible. I highly recommend her.  ~Brenda Hendershot
  • I got Oskar, a Labrador mix, as a 6 month old puppy from the animal shelter and he was the most terrified little animal I had ever seen.  He must have been very badly abused, as he only trusted me.  When Sarah worked on him for the first time Oskar was elderly (12 years old).  He was very suspicious of Sarah and barely tolerated the presence of strangers. After a few sessions, this suspicious and worried dog changed into a trusting and happy animal.  He also improved physically (he is now less stiff).  Sarah has shown Oskar that there is a better side to mankind than he had known before and she transformed even an elderly frightened dog into a happy one.   ~Anneliese Slabbaert - Kenya
  • I am thrilled to highly recommend Sarah's healing work. She first helped my cat, accurately identifying his injuries and providing me with very accurate information regarding his physical and emotional condition.  I also referred her to a client's horse to help with an emergency colic, which involved hospitalization and surgery. Her assessment of the horse's issues were ultimately validated by the surgery and subsequent healing process, and provided critical guidance to healing the relationship between horse and human.  She has the ability to engage her animal patients in their whole being and all the dimensions of the issue - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  This attention to the Whole is essential for true healing.  ~S. B. Ft. Collins, Colorado
  • We have a pony (Jolie), who is not an easy mare.  Sarah made a connection and stepped in at a time when Jolie’s signals were not being read clearly.  She helped us understand the needs of the animal, and it has been fabulous ever since.  With Choc Chip (our other pony), Sarah has been amazing.  This is a challenging mare with a hip issue, and Sarah has patiently worked on Choc Chip’s hip.  Choc Chip is now working well, and I don’t know what we would have done without Sarah’s help.  Thank you Sarah - The Horse Whisperer.  ~Shefali Nefdt
  • Sarah has been a true professional, calm and wonderful with my very difficult dog. My dog is a rescue who had been abused – she never lets strangers touch her, even the vet has trouble with her, yet she loves Sarah. This is Sarah’s calling, and we are fortunate that she has this practice.   ~Anne Walton
  • Sarah has been very patient and put in a lot of time with this horse who is not open to everyone.  Over time this horse has become a much “nicer person”, more relaxed and confident.  His stable manners have improved measurably.  He is a very sensitive animal, and it is not easy to tune into him.  Sarah has managed to make significant progress.   ~CS
  • My elderly dog, Max, was quite stiff and sensitive in the hind and had trouble getting up.  He also was sensitive when we looked at him in the eyes.  After a few sessions with Sarah, he is now getting up easier using his hind legs, and even jumps off the sofa.  Interestingly he will now make direct eye contact, and allows us close to him.   ~Charlie Collins
  • Sarah has been working on our two ponies and one horse and they love her.  We found her to be intuitive and very sensitive to the animals needs.  Thank you! ~S.T.
  • Sarah is connected to the animals she works on.  She is highly professional, sensitive, and aware.  After working with my Doberman (who is a show dog) a few times, a visiting friend who is a breeder noticed a reduction in his crabbing (not tracking straight at the trot).  ~Cheryl Sonnichsen - Kenya