Sarah Wilson

I provide equine and canine therapies (acupressure, craniosacral, and massage) to Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding regions.  I also offer my services in other parts of the USA and abroad, given sufficient advance notice and arrangements.

I have worked with animals all my life, starting with ponies, horses, and dogs from a very young age.  I've spent a good part of my adult life living abroad in Africa, working  for the Wildlife Conservation Society (the International branch of the NY Zoological Society/Bronx Zoo) building and managing programs in Congo, South Sudan, and Kenya.  

I obtained my animal bodywork certifications from the Rocky Mountain School for Acupressure and Massage (RMSAAM) in Colorado, USA.  I am certified in 3 levels of each canine and equine therapies including: therapeutic, sports/performance animals, and seniors.  I am also certified in equine and canine craniosacral therapy by completing the full 6 level course and an extensive mentorship under Tracy Vroom, a well known equine and canine craniosacral therapist/instructor in Colorado. Additionally, I am trained in and familiar with Tellington Touch (TTEAM and TTOUCH) methods.  

While in Africa, I had my practice based out of Rottcher Surgery in Karen-Nairobi, Kenya where I worked on horses and dogs throughout Kenya. I am now settled in Frederick, Maryland, where I practice in the region, and when requested in other areas of the USA and internationally.

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Disclaimer: An equine and canine bodyworker is not a substitute for a veterinary assessment or treatment.  I am not a veterinary doctor. All information is given as suggestions only. Please see your veterinary doctor or appropriate animal professional for any medical concerns you may have.